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Purity ≥%99.5
Heavy metal(Pb)≤%0.001
Loss on drying≤%0.3
Insoluble matter of hydrochloric aicd≤%0.03

Packing & Storage

Packingin 25kg bag
Storage20℃, 2 years.
ShippingRoom temperature in China; may vary elsewhere

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Properties of Potassium Bitartrate
Potassium bitartrate is the acid salt of potassium tartrate. It is usually a colorless to white orthorhombic crystalline powder. The solubility in water changes with temperature. It is insoluble in ethanol and acetic acid, and easily soluble in inorganic acids.

Uses of Potassium Bitartrate
Potassium bitartrate is a by-product of winemaking. It is called tartar powder in the food industry. It is used as an additive, a leavening agent (making cakes and bread, etc.), and is also used as a reducing agent and buffering agent.