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Item Index
Purity ≥% 99.5
Chlorie(Cl)≤% 0.01
Heavy metal(Pb)≤% 0.002
Sulfate(SO4)≤% 0.015
Iron(Fe)≤% 0.005
Phosphate(PO4)≤% 0.005
Transparency qualified

Packing & Storage

Packingin 25kg bag
Storage20℃, 2 years.
ShippingRoom temperature in China; may vary elsewhere

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General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Application of Potassium Tartrate
Potassium tartrate is widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, light industry and other industries, mainly for the manufacture of tartrates, such as antimony potassium tartrate, potassium sodium tartrate, etc. Potassium tartrate is used in the food industry as beer foaming agent, food sour agent, flavoring agent, etc. The sour taste of potassium tartrate is 1.3 times that of citric acid, and it is especially suitable as a sour agent for grape juice. This product is identified as an excellent food additive by the FAO/WHO expert committee. Potassium tartrate also plays a very important role in industries such as leather tanning, photography, glass, enamel, and telecommunications equipment.