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Anti Caking Agent L(+)-Tartaric Acid


Item Index
ASSAY % ≥94.5
SPECIFIC ROTATION[α] D25℃ +12.0~+13.0
HEAVY METAL(Pb) mg/kg ≤2

Packing & Storage

Packingin 25kg bag
Storage20℃, 2 years.
ShippingRoom temperature in China; may vary elsewhere

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Uses of Anti Caking Agent L(+)-Tartaric Acid
1.Tartaric acid is widely used as a sour agent in beverages and other foods. It is used in wine, soft drinks, candy, bread, and certain gelatinous sweets.
2.Utilize its optical activity as a chemical resolution agent for the resolution of the anti-drug intermediate DL-amino J alcohol; it can also be used as a chiral raw material for synthesizing tartaric acid derivatives.
3.Using its acidity, it can be used as a catalyst for the resin finishing of polyester fabrics and as a pH regulator for producing oryzanol.
4.Using its complexing property, it can be used as a complexing agent, masking agent, chelating agent, and anti-dyeing agent in printing and dyeing in electroplating, desulfurization, pickling, chemical analysis, and medical inspection.
5.Using its reducibility, it is used as an essential auxiliary and reducing agent in the chemical mirror industry. Photographic developer. It can also be complex with a variety of metal ions. It can be used as a cleaning and polishing agent for metal surfaces.
6.Use in the construction industry, powdered L+ tartaric acid (including an anti-caking agent) can be used as a retarder.